Oh My Girls


New Chinese Girl Emily ~ 159cm, 95lbs, 32C-23-34. This young and pretty Chinese girl will give you an unforgettable experience. Emily has all the skills to please your desire.

Emily ~ 159cm-32C-23-34新货上架超漂亮小可爱来自美女之都—成都,精致比例的五官非常立体!娇小玲珑曲线优美,苗条无赘肉!真正A4腰喔~俏皮可爱惹人喜爱,性格活泼女友派,哥哥们快来围观吧~

Name Emily
Height 159cm
Weight 95 LBS
Tattoo No
Ethnicity Chinese
Size 32C-23-34
Services GF Dating Service,包天,包夜
Price 30 Mins = $160
45 Mins = $220
60 Mins = $300